Project 2: State of the Art presentation

100 points

Professional writing spans a wide array of specific application areas, work and educational contexts, and theories. We can’t possibly cover all of them in one course. Therefore, this project asks you to add to the breadth of the course by researching and presenting on an area of theory or research that you find interesting, useful, compelling, etc. My hope is that you find a way to make the academic work you did in the annotated bibliography relevant to your specific field.

You’ll select an area and give us an overview of the state of the art of research in this area. This assignment is meant for you to use the question and citations from project 1 but you can choose to pick another question if you want.

Your presentation should involve a review of important readings for that area. You’ll prepare a short presentation (15 minute video) to give us an overview of your chosen area, including the major issues, figures, etc. that make the area a living body of theory and research. This video should contain both audio and video done in a professional manner. Think of it as a kind of presentation you might give over Skype to others in your profession at a convention or in a webinar.

You must also present a single page handout that frames and contains your reference material. You should also prepare a short list of sources (not as extensive as the annotated bibliography) to facilitate further reading in your chosen area for those interested.

  • Audience: Professional peers
  • Content: State of the Art on professional writing topic
  • Deliverable: video and audience hand out